The Raycycle Process


Our Process

Our three step process ensures custom and sustainable solar energy solutions for any home or business.


Consultation Call

We begin with a consultation call to better understand your unique solar power needs. Our mission is to bring accountability and transparency to our process, and ensure your renewable energy solution is a perfect fit. During the consultation process, we will discuss:

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Home/Business Assessment

Following our consultation call, we will visit your home or business to collect additional information on the property. This includes details such as:

After your assessment, we submit the data into our software that provides a sun and shade analysis, required number of solar panels, and an initial design. From there, we perform a cost-benefit analysis to make sure that your solar solution will bring down energy costs on your electric bill. Our goal is to have your system paid in full from cost savings within 5 to 7 years, with the lifetime of the system being 25 years.

If solar is right for your business or home, we create a proposal that includes the design of the array, 3D images of the installed solar system on the property, and the estimated monthly savings on your energy bill.


Schedule Your Solar Installation

After finalizing your proposal, our team works with an engineering firm to create blueprints for your solar energy system. We understand that the installation process can seem overwhelming, but Raycycle has your back! We will assist with:

Once all permits and agreements have been received, our team will work with you to schedule the installation of your tailored clean energy solution!

To learn more about how solar energy can provide energy independence, and cost-effectively power your home or business, contact our team using the form below.

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